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LG Smart AC is a wireless device, along with a free smart phone app that provides monitoring and remote control capabilities for LG Duct-Free Split: Art Cool Premier Single Zone, High Efficiency Standard Single Zone Inverter and Standard Single Zone Inverter air conditioning systems. Users are able to control their indoor units at their residence or remotely from other locations (provided they have wireless connection) through the LG Smart AC device.

The app is compatible for Android and iOS (Apple) smart phones.

The wireless device connects to the indoor unit and controls functions and features through the smart phone app. The app displays current temperature settings and allows the user to change temperature, fan speed, and air flow direction from anywhere in the house or at a remote location (through the use of wireless connection). Additionally, frequently used settings can be saved to a favorites list for later use. Multiple users can control the household indoor unit remotely.

Please refer to the LG Smart AC Flyer and User Manual for additional information.  

LG Smart AC WLAN Module Smart Phone End User Licensing Agreement


Important Notice: Please download and read this end-user license agreement (EULA) carefully. By downloading, accessing, installing or using the LG Smart AC WLAN Module application and documentation, customer agrees to the terms of this EULA. If in your capacity as the customer, you do not agree to the terms of this EULA, do not download, install, access or use the software. This EULA contains disclaimers of warranties and limitations of liability and exclusive remedies. The provisions in the complete EULA form the essential basis of our agreement.

Download End User Licensing Agreement

The LG Smart AC and Device are only compatible with model numbers LA090HYV1, LA120HYV1, LA090HYV, LA120HYV, LS091HSV3, LS121HSV3, LS181HSV3, LS240HSV3, LS307HV3, LS360HV3, LS090HSV4, LS120HSV4, and LS180HSV4.