LG Home Comfort Solutions


Key Features

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Attractive, Customizable Indoor Units

Art Cool™ indoor units offer many options that
compliment any decor. Art Cool™ Gallery includes a panel
that works like a picture frame—any art or photograph can
be displayed.  Other Art Cool™ indoor units are available in
styles and finishes that suit any room.

Jet Cool / Jet Heat

Jet Cool operates at a high speed for up to 30 minutes to quickly cool a room. Jet Heat operates at a high speed for up to 30 minutes to quickly heat a room.


Swirl Wind

Four-way controlled louvers and fan speeds create a stronger, wider air flow and reduce temperature stratification.


Auto Operation

Provides three levels of comfort from which to choose. Temperature and fan speed is set automatically.


Chaos Wind

Chaos wind controls air direction and air speed in three steps—fast, slow and stop—to provide a more natural air circulation.


Art CoolTM Gallery 3D Air Flow

Three-directional air flow creates a more natural air circulation.

Sensors in the indoor unit accurately measure room
temperature and control humidity by adjusting the set
point and fan speed.

Shuts down the indoor fan to prevent cold air
from being blown into the space. Removes
frost from outdoor coil when the outdoor
temperature is low.

Automatically increases the temperature setting 2° F twice in 30 minute increments. The indoor unit shuts off when the timer setting is reached.

Automatically restarts the system after a power failure.

The GoldFin™ coating protects the surface of the
heat exchanger from corrosion and unnecessary