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How It Works

LG Duct-Free Split systems offer a winning combination of advanced climate control technology, all-important operating efficiency and exceptional design aesthetics. A simple reconfiguration of conventional central air conditioners eliminates the need for complicated ductwork and reduces energy inefficiencies caused by moving air through ductwork. Because each room can be controlled by a separate thermostat or hand-held remote, temperatures can be customized for each room or zone to provide ideal heating or cooling anywhere it is needed. LG Duct-Free Split systems can usually be installed in less than a day by professional contractors.

There are a wide variety of benefits that come with duct-free technology. With over 65 years of air conditioning experience, you can be assured of high-quality, long-lasting products for your home from LG. See a Single Zone System in action.

Duct-Free Technology

Duct-Free Split systems, also known as split, ductless, ductless mini split, or mini splits, are simply a reconfiguration of a conventional central air conditioner.

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LG is committed to developing innovative, energy efficient products that provide superior performance while saving energy to help lessen the impact on the world around us.