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Buying Basics

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Buying Basics

There are many benefits to choosing duct-free technology including energy efficiency, simple maintenance, air filtration, quality, energy savings, and customized comfort. LG offers single room and multi-room solutions with some exclusive, stylish designs. Getting the right size air conditioner for your home is critically important. Use our contractor locator to find qualified contractors in your area and learn more about how to select a contractor with confidence.

Rebates and Incentives

Learn about federal, state-level and local tax credits, rebates, incentives and policies that support renewable energy and energy efficiency in the United States.

Duct-Free Benefits

From energy savings to quite comfort, the benefits of duct-free split systems will amaze you. Benefits you can feel, see and enjoy for years to come.

Why LG

There are many reasons why you should choose Duct-Free system compare to traditional air conditioning system. Click on read more to learn how it can benefit you.

Selecting A Contractor

Before making a hiring decision, we suggest following our tips on selecting a contractor who will assess your specific needs and present you with the best LG solution for your home.

Find Contractors

Finding local, independent contractors in your area that are trained in LG Duct-Free Split system installation and maintenance is just a click away.